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Blind dates Oceanside

Blind daters Zack and Cassie travel down south to Tijuana and Rosarito for fine dining and a massage.

Blind Dates Oceanside

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My age 24
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Gemini
My body type: My figure type is slender
What I prefer to drink: Beer
Smoker: No

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Most people look at the beginning of the year as a time to recharge and set some healthier habits. Oceanside and Correy have just met in an Epic Limo that chauffeurs them to Rize Studio, a newly-opened aerial yoga studio in East Village that promises a class that is sure to sweep these daters off their feet. Will testing the limits of their yoga prowess while Oceanside suspended in hammocks spark romance for our daters?

Only time will tell. I now live in East Village. My side-hustles include owning a social media management company with my sister called Magnolia Sisters Media and I have a business creating bougie bows and bowties for pets branching into kids soon called Frank Lane Bows. Eight is my favorite and my birth month. I have deleted all dating apps. I think dating apps have ruined the art of courting. And sometimes I just enjoy snuggling on the couch and watching a movie.

I always try to help if someone is in need or just needs a shoulder to cry on or just wants someone to listen. This is definitely my greatest skill and also my downfall. Boundaries are hard to set up when you have a hard time saying no to people. Physical and blind attraction are key, but at the end of the day, I want someone to connect with that I can one day come home to, laugh, have fun with, build a life with and so on.

My friends would say my type is the exact opposite of me: tall white boys. I am pretty funny, so my goal would be to have him laughing pretty quickly and hopefully dates will break some tension and have the date running even smoother. Just kidding, but I do think I have a great personality that gets along with most dates.

I once had a guy shame me for being adventurous in the foods I tried. Needless to say, blind date ended very quickly. I like to get to know someone a bit more before anything further happens. Jasmine and Correy sure seem like a cute pair.

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And neither dater is lacking for confidence. Jasmine prides herself on being funny and outgoing, while Correy gave himself a 20 on the personality scale. They both agree that attraction is key to a successful date, but even if the chemistry is there, neither predict the night will end with anything more than a friendly kiss.

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It offers classes in aerial yoga, whole body vibration and sound immersion. The benefits of aerial yoga include increased balance and flexibility, spine lengthening and stress relief. Rize Studio is littered in yoga hammocks hung from the rafters in rich turquoise hues. The hammocks look a little delicate at first, but they are actually able to hold thousands of pounds.

Jasmine later claims this particular turquoise is her favorite color, so she has a good feeling about the class, despite being initially nervous to try.

January blind daters try to be flexible on a swingin’ blind date at rize studio in east village.

Jasmine and Correy are having fun posing for photos in the hammocks. Owner Samantha and instructor Ashley do an excellent job of putting both daters at ease. They are patient and encouraging, and before we know it, Jasmine and Correy look like aerial yoga pros.

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That, coupled with the beer on an empty stomach, le Jasmine to politely excuse herself from class and hustle to the bathroom. She quickly res the class and manages to stick it out for the remainder of the session like a champ.

Where are you from and where do you live now?

They change into dinner clothes and go to dinner at Rare Society, a new steakhouse from Trust Restaurant Group that sits right on the border of Hillcrest and University Heights. After they order, we separate them for mid-date interviews. At first glance, would you swipe right or left on your date?

I would swipe right. Laughs I like white boys. The exact opposite of me.

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The tattoos are also cute. How was your experience at Rize Studio? Our instructor was great. Laughs She was very patient with me. It was great, it was really great. I enjoyed it. That was really cool. They were super helpful and it was a lot of fun. What caught your eye on the menu tonight at Rare Society? And the truffled creamed spinach. He goes with the flow and lets me do what I want, which is a great in a dude.

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And the bacon was so good. He opened my door. He let me order stuff. Laughs He let me touch his butt. Probably her laugh. When she was upside down, inverted, I think she had to go vomit. She went to the restroom for a second. Rate your date on a scale from one to 10 for looks. He has a great body, too. Or hot dog. No, just kidding. But also, not really. Do you want to kiss your date right now? No, I probably have stuff in my teeth.


Does your date want to kiss you? Laughs My parents are very old-school Middle Eastern. But he seems like a really nice dude. That weighs heavily for me. A good, nice guy.

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Because looks fade, unfortunately. How and when will the date end? And easy-going Correy is a nice balance to bubbly Jasmine. We touch base with them the next day to see how the rest of their night went. Jasmine and Correy spent the night hanging upside down at aerial yoga and then hanging out for a steak dinner. But did their hanging sessions result in a make-out session? How did everything go? I had a great time. I think we both had a great time.

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I had a really good time. It was a lot of fun. What did you order at Rare Society? And then, for dinner, we shared The Executive and the truffled creamed spinach and the onion rings. And then we got dessert too. We got the butter cake, which was phenomenal. That was the best part of the meal, for sure. The bacon dates incredible. And then we had The Executive, which is three of their smoked steaks all cut Oceanside on a board. And then we got onion rings, they were pickled onion rings. They were really good. The drinks were really good, too. And the blind was good, we had a bottle of wine as well.

Where did you go and what did you do for the rest of the evening after Rare Society? We closed the place down, we were the last people there. And then we separately Ubered home.