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I Vista CA a black woman looking for a white man

The case was set to go to trial in September.

I Vista CA A Black Woman Looking For A White Man

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I have experienced injustices as a black woman. I have been protesting to bring awareness to social justice, police brutality and gun reform since I was 15 years old. So now, for me to be finally heard at 18 in this moment is phenomenal. I have been loud and vocal since high school when it comes to politics and social issues, especially when it comes to the injustices my community faces. With that being said, people who choose not to understand opposing views already have the privilege not to.

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We hear it on the news all the time, they call us thugs or sons of bitches regardless of if the protest is peaceful or not. It is an easier route to be ignorant and be unaware of the struggles that other people have to deal with.

And when you do that, you choose to ignore the injustices and negative experiences of the black community. Police brutality has been ingrained in America since it was founded and police started off as slave patrols.

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The sad thing is, they decided to leave that out of our history books, among many other things like: using black women and men as experiments due to us not being considered human, having zoos filled with black people and how you could pay to torture us, public lynchings and many more.

Systemic racism is not only a reflection of our criminal justice system, but a part of our educational systems ad our financial systems, and it affects the black community in every aspect of our life. As Gov. We are, we are. Our institutions are responsible.

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We are able to this moment. It is important to meet this moment for what it is, an opportunity to get educated on the gruesome past and hidden history of America in order to effect change. To not just hear black voices, but to actually listen, to bring awareness to the inequalities and injustices that we face and continue to fight for. I hope you took the time to actually process the things that I have mentioned and continue to reflect on your choices and thoughts in your own life.

Martin Luther King Jr. The causes are spiritual, theological and deeply rooted in belief systems, world views and values that are false and misleading. Some theologians and philosophers have declared that God is dead and with his death is also the death of his moral laws that govern the universe he has created.

This state of affairs has led us to this condition of lawlessness and destruction. Only God can do that. The hundreds of thousands of people from various ethnic groups who have ed in the protest around the nation are crying for someone to make sense of the senseless killings and brutality and the denial of human rights to people of color in America. The world watched as a police officer and three of his colleagues stood by as a human being begged for breath. The officer with his knee on his neck and his hand in his pocket denied the request for a breath of air. George Floyd was murdered. The protest is a voice of the voiceless screaming for justice, peace and righteousness.

Women of color in elective office

A first step in the direction of curing the protest and riots is personal and national repentance, and repentance is turning from our idol worship of military might, materialism, pleasure, etc. Repentance demands that we break from the trappings of religion and embrace the principles and values of true spirituality. A right relationship with God opens the door for building a right relationship with others.

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But only those who see, take off their shoes; the rest sit round it and pluck blackberries. Protesters are reacting to the senseless murder of George Floyd and this is how we must react to the senseless and brutal killing of millions of innocent babies through abortions.

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The cure involves a recognition of the enormity of the problem. For years being defined as less than human beings, resulting in systemic racism, the attitude permeated every institution starting with the family. The systemic racism requires a systematic approach. The cure demands that the oppressed and the oppressors come together as was the case in South Africa, tell the truth, be open to record conciliation.

The cure must involve the oppressor sitting down and doing the work of repairing the relationship through interaction, communication and reparation. Repentance demands honesty and transparency so that real issues are addressed no matter how painful.

10 black san diegans write about their lives, racial justice and police brutality

This means that at the grassroots level there must be workshops, seminars and community projects deed to improve the quality of life for all people. The participants in these groups should come from every institution, agency and ethnic group in the community. All stakeholders in the peace process must be admitted to the table of brotherhood. McKinney is the founder and senior pastor at St. As a professor who prepares those who will go into our schools, colleges and universities to engage young minds, I have long contended that black lives and minds are intertwined.

If one does not value the life, then one certainly will not value the mind.

Missing person search

An educator cannot truly build and affirm the mind of a student whose life and presence is seen as having less ificance due to their race. Black lives matter.

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Black minds matter. While old trees have fallen, and new trees have grown, the problem of racism persists because the soil — our culture — has not changed. Say their names: George Floyd. Breonna Taylor.

Ahmaud Arbery. Tony McDade. Eric Garner. Each is in a long line of black people slain by those in positions of power, and others motivated purely by hatred. Both Floyd and Garner died pleading for a fundamental need: air. Rightful anger in response to unjust killings of black people has prompted marches, protests and vigils throughout the world. Rising through the power of social media, the Black Lives Matter movement continues to expose the injustices facing black communities and provide statements of affirmation that black lives do indeed matter.

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But the violence against black people is not restricted to policing; it manifests in all sectors of society, including schooling. This is appalling, and it remains one of the reasons I am dedicated to my educational work inside and outside of the classroom.

After a lifelong career researching the experiences of black children, the late scholar Asa G. The first thing you do is treat them like human beings and the second thing you do is love them. We must seize this moment and effect lasting change inside our academic institutions and in our communities through love in action. As educators, we have the power to change a of things within our control, including our own hearts, our curricula and the treatment of other human beings.

We must first recognize and understand that biases held by educators have led to black children being ificantly overrepresented in receiving disciplinary referrals, suspensions, expulsions, and being placed in special education. My own research shows these patterns begin early on, even in early childhood education preschool through third grade. In fact, our research on San Diego County shows that the highest suspension disparities between black children and their peers occurs in early childhood education. Young children, who have yet to reside on the earth for more than a few years, are treated with distrust, disdain and disregard.

This overrepresentation supports a myth that black children are dangerous.

Featured missing adults

That harmful assumption both ignores and reinforces the very structures and arrangements that create poor conditions for some, while aiding others. It is pervasive, it is systemic, and it continues throughout later life. Change must begin with educators seeing black children as worthwhile, and believing that black minds matter. With love and through action, our SDSU faculty on June 4 hosted an emergency meeting of our university executive senate to pass a resolution requiring every student majoring in criminal justice to take at least one course on the dynamics between the black community, policing and the criminal in justice system.

This is a historic act.

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We also introduced a new course and program for law enforcement officers across the nation on race relations and policing. But this was not achieved without resistance as a group of Zoombombers unknown to us tried to stop the meeting from occurring. Progress does not come easy, but it never has. I strongly believe that bringing love into the educational system involves embracing a new educational paradigm that values the intelligence, worth and morality of black minds.

I believe we can apply this view to the educational experiences of our black students: Love your neighbor as yourself, and love their children as your children. Teach them with love, discipline them with love, build personal relationships with love — as if they were your own.

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Wood is the vice president of student affairs and campus diversity, and distinguished professor of education at San Diego State University. As the nation expresses its pain at the death of George Floyd, our law enforcement is collectively seeing the light and recognizing the negative impact of bad policing. Police chiefs and police officers all over the nation are angry and hurt.

Our members often face continual criticism and mistrust for either being not black enough because they wear a badge, or they are not blue enough because they are black.

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American policing must evolve quicker because our communities demand changes to a public service-based model. Policing must deliver tangible community services to all citizens, without bias. In the 56 years since the passing of the Civil Rights Actblack communities have continued to experience racism, discrimination, sexism, plus many other isms ever-present in American life.

America has made some progress. This current America, however, has not continued to work diligently on leveling the playing field for all. Black people are exhausted with being the ground zero of harmful law enforcement incidents and steadily hurt by feeling unprotected from other American institutionalized failures day after day. Law enforcement, in general, feels like change is a constant demand in which we struggle to keep up with the pace. It is no longer about traditionally arresting criminals. We should have learned by now that we cannot arrest our way to a productive, thriving and crime-free society.

To that end, the BPOA is encouraged to see that our law enforcement peers, all over the nation, are finally starting to take a hard look at themselves and their business. There must be community collaboration in law enforcement, and we commend our San Diego County police chiefs for abolishing the carotid neck restraint hold. The carotid restraint, when appropriately used, was deed as a force option to decrease the amount of lethal force.

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Ending its usage could be a catalyst for an increase in lethal force options. The risks outweigh the benefits, and this proves that sound policing and collaborative community decision-making can change the temperature positively. This technique was a long-standing wall and barrier between our communities of color and law enforcement.