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Myrtle dating show

It was announced on July 10,that Welcome to Myrtle Manor had been renewed for a third season that consists of 10 episodes.

Myrtle Dating Show

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Last week TLC released the preview trailer for Welcome To Myrtle Manor Season 2 and as we commented in our post about it there seemed to be a couple notable things missing: namely, tatted nightlife maestro Taylor J. Burt and his bulldog Gus. Taylor shared the announcement with his fans on his Facebook earlier today:. I am very much looking forward to watching my Myrtle Manor family on their season 2 premiere!

Stay tuned for details of my new TV project! After his announcement, Taylor spoke with us about his upcoming show, whether or not we will be seeing him at all on Welcome To Myrtle Manor Season 2, and of course, Gus. What the concept will be, what network it will be on, when it will premiere, or who else will be on it? Will we be seeing much of your bulldog Gus seen with Taylor in the photo above on the new show?

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Yes, my mom, Anne, plays a major part on this season of Myrtle Manorand I am very much looking forward to watching her life and character progress throughout the season. That show and Myrtle Manor shared an executive producer, so I knew about that show long before it was released.

The worldwide exposure our area is getting now is amazing for a town that thrives off of tourism. Many of the locals who have formally said so many negative things about the show appear as background extras in Season 2. Funny how that works out, huh?

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Hell, Los Angeles is depicted in countless films as a cesspool of crime, gangs, murder, rape, etc. And Myrtle Manor is actually pretty well liked around the world, regardless of what some of the locals here like to spout out over social media. And im born and raised right here in Myrtle, why would I ever do something that would affect my home in a negative way?

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Speaking of Jenelle Evans, you and her have been photographed together on numerous occasions — is there any chance we will see her make an appearance on the new show? However, crossing shows is a very difficult thing due to contract and no compete clauses, etc. You had a couple run-ins with the law in — can you give us an update on the status of those?


Well, unfortunately, being in the spotlight puts a target on your back for all kinds of off-the-wall things. Any person in the spotlight whether it be TV, movies, music, etc will attest to this.

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My situation is no different, and in time, the truth will come out. And you will hear about it when it does!

See: the infamous peeing incident. What is the current relationship status of Taylor J. Jess and I maintain a friendship after our relationship and filming ended. Are we still dating or am I involved in anyone else?

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Well, that is a topic that may or may not appear on the new concept. Thanks to Taylor for talking with us and we look forward to hearing more about his new show! Gus is my main man, and we are always together.

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Where I go, he goes! Related Posts.

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